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In addition to services we provide a wide range of products to the Indian Armed Forces.

We have on our inventory a range of products and we continually keep on updating our offering depending on the needs of the customer and ever changing technology. Our products are specially selected to aid in ease of maintenance and are easy to handle. Some of the products introduced are:

Products Detail:

Video Stick Inspection Scopes
(The ultimate inspection tool designed for the everyday professional)

The VSXX-XX are for remote inspection of areas generally inaccessible to the naked eye. These come with a distal video camera and dimmable lighting at the end of a water resistant shaft for internal inspection of engines and aggregates, panels/under rails etc, Turbine blades/combustion chamber, A/C systems, electric system, interior structures, check for corrosion etc, and other multifarious industrial/aviation and similar innumerable applications. Imaging and illumination is provided by a full color image sensor and dual solid state LEDs which are controlled by an on/off power switch. The 2.5"/3.5" full color LCD screen allows the user to observe live video from the distal camera. There is a provision to do video recording( on mini SD card) for records and also for sending instant information to various distant establishments /users over the selected media. The scopes are available in different types . Fixed distal head and articulate head( details of each are given below). These are powered by 4-AA batteries which makes these very versatile as no external power source is required. This can be operated at any remote place. The VSXX is shipped with a protective case for storage. Accessory Mirror allows user to see 90 degrees to axis of the shaft. The Magnet accessory will pick up approx ¼ lb. The shaft in the fixed head scope can be replaced with different length of shaft depending on requirement. These shafts can be ordered separately.

How to read type of Video Stick's Nomenclature:
VS 36- 10W A
Arrow Down Arrow Down Arrow Down Arrow Down
Video Stick Length of Shaft in inch Diameter of Shaft in mm Articulate
Savia Video Stick’s Nomenclature

Video Stick Inspection Scope

Shaft 36 inch with 9mm Diameter Rigid shaft of extra length Flexible shaft of extra length
Shaft 36" with 9mm Diameter Rigid shaft of extra length Flexible shaft of extra length


Articulate Video Scope Articulate Video Scope

Probe 360 °rotation operation

Control front end in all-round 360 degrees to rotate by a angle of 90 degrees, and can keep the front end at a bending shape.

Articulate Video Scope


DVR Sunglasses With MP3
DVR Sunglasses With MP3